Thursday, June 10, 2010

We're fighting for Cesc

A while back, Cesc said that he had the most incredible talk with Arsene Wenger. The gist of that conversation was that Cesc should focus on the World Cup, and leave everything up to Wenger and the Club. Most people thought that to mean that we would allow Cesc to leave if Barcelona met our valuation. But then today, Wenger said:

This is a firm statement of intent from Wenger that we want to keep Cesc at Arsenal. So maybe that incredible conversation that Cesc had with Wenger had convinced him to stay for a few more season. It'll be interesting to know what Wenger said to change Cesc's mind.

Maybe Wenger said that he's going to sign every talented uncontracted player he can get his hands on. We've already signed Chamakh. We're leading the chase for Joe Cole. Who else can we get on a Bosman? It's not going to be the prettiest side around, but it's certainly going to be the cheapest.

So on the 317th last day of my 20s, I went to the city and visited charity organisation with the idea of volunteering. I'm going to have some spare time coming up, so I figured why not. Then I went to work, pottered around, came home and started this blog.

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