Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The 318th last day of my 20s

Well, Philippe Senderos has moved to Fulham. It's a shame, I really liked him, and I think that if he'd been given more of a chance he would've been a good defender. He looked great in that Champions League final run, but then got brutalised by Drogba in the Charity Shield and never looked right again. Signing Gallas from Chelsea relegated him to the bench, and he never recovered. He's been shunted to Milan and Everton, and he's failed to nail down a first team position with either clubs. Still, he's only 25 and has plenty of good qualities. There's still time for him to a great defender!

So on the 318th last day of my 20s, I went to work, had dinner with a friend and ate a steak this big. He chatted up the waitress at a cafe afterwards, just to show me how it's done. Be natural, talk, act silly - nothing to it, it seems. Might as well be shooting for the moon.

Had a chat about the World Cup. Well, I chatted and he tried to pick up betting tips. I'm not sure why he asked me, but I said I thought Brazil would win. They've got a great system, play disciplined football and can grind out a win, and have enough flair players to fluke a goal when they're not playing well. Also, they've won very World Cup that's been hosted in a neutral (non European or South American) country. Spain's hot favourites, but: their Barcelona players are exhausted; Xavi's playing injured; Torres and Fabregas aren't fit; and most importantly, the favourites never seem to win. Spain have been up for a very long time, and they've got to suffer a dip in form sometime.

I've love the Netherlands to win it, though. van Persie for Golden Boot.

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