Saturday, June 12, 2010

The 315th last day of my 20s

I'm looking forward to seeing Argentina vs Nigeria tonight. Argentina has crazy attacking options, Lionel Messi is crazy good, and Diego Maradona is just plain crazy. Argentina have the ability to win the World Cup, and the tendency to blow up in the group stage. I don't think they'll win it, but let's hope they make it to the knock-out stages before they implode.

Watched the highlights of South Africa vs Mexico just then. Good match, open play, nice goal from the South Africans. I thought Vela did alright in the first half. He's got another couple of matches at least to show that he's good enough to take a first-team spot at the Arsenal.

So on the 315th last day of my 20s, I'm halfway through a make-over. I've had a haircut, got a new pair of glasses, and am being taken shopping tomorrow. I have grave doubts whether I'll go through with it, but it'll be interesting to see the end result.

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