Monday, June 21, 2010

The 306th last day of my 20s

Arsenal are after Koscielny, Chelsea are after David Silva, and Man City are after Yaya Toure. When it comes to signing big names, Arsenal's quite low on the pecking order. I don't mind it. Wenger's shown that he's still got a good eye for a player. If he thinks that Koscielny and Chamakh will take us to the Premier League title, then I'm willing to give him a chance. I just hope he signs a few more players as well.

I took a bit of a break from the World Cup last night. Only watched half the Slovakia versus Paraguay match before throwing it in for an extra 45 minutes of sleep. It wasn't a bad game, and Paraguay played well. But I'm a bit disappointed that I missed New Zealand versus Italy, and Brazil versus Ivory Coast. For some reason, I keep picking the mundane matches to watch.

Tonight I'm going to watch Spain versus Honduras. Spain should win. There's no way they'll be held scoreless two matches in a row. There's a thought going around that they're missing a player like Marcos Senna. Personally, I think they should take off Alonso and bring on our Cesc Fabregas. On the downside, it'll give the Barcelona players more time to tap him up. They're already tapping him up in the hotel, at meals, in the showers, on the bus.... the time he spends on the bench during games is probably the only time he's not being persuaded to join Barcelona.

So on the 306th last day of my 20s, I went to work and spent most of it trying not to yawn. It's surprising how badly the World Cup is effecting me. I watch about one game a night. I still get about 6 hours of sleep a night. And yet I'm walking around like a disaffected zombie. Must be the cumulative effect of light sleep deprivation. Or maybe old age.

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