Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Barcelona's having a laugh

Barcelona are having a laugh. They wanted £30m from Man City for Yaya Toure, but City said no. Now, they want to swap Cesc for Yaya and £10m. Let's forget that Yaya's already rejected a move to Arsenal, and we're still talking about a transfer bid for Cesc that tallies way below the £80m the board have set. Now, if they threw Messi and Alves into the mix, that might make the board think twice....

Joan Laporta is also having a laugh:

I wonder how Joan Laporta managed to say all that and keep a straight-face? "We will respect their opinion and try to change their mind" is one I'll have to use one day. Hilarious. Although, with Barcelona whizz-kid Gai Assulin set to leave their club (for us?), I suppose Laporta's open-door philosophy is soon to be tested.

In other news, Wenger's not scared to spend if needed.

Judging from some of our recent transfers, it's a fear he's only recently overcome.

So on the 319th last day of my 20s, I went to work, came home, typed on the blog. My nephew George has a cold, so progress on the crawling has stalled. Instead, he's been working on stuffing everything he can into his mouth. Good to see he's keeping busy while he's sick.

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