Friday, June 25, 2010

Australasia out of the World Cup

Plucky New Zealand drew against Paraguay and Italy lost to Slovakia. New Zealand finishes third on the table after three consecutive draws. I'm probably being harsh here, but I think an opportunity was lost. New Zealand had chances to win a game and qualify for the 2nd round. Be a bit more attacking, sneak a goal, maybe pinch a spot. But they didn't, finished with three draws and a very honourable commendation. But you've got to wonder what might've been.

Anyway, Australasia is out of the World Cup. It was a good run while it lasted. It also strengthens the case for federation between Australia and New Zealand. Not only would it facilitate trans-Tasman trade, increase the size of the economy, expand the zombie, mutant sheep into the Australian flock, it would also strengthen the Socceroos side for the next World Cup. If Australia and New Zealand can both finish 3rd in the group stages of the World Cup, imagine how well a combined side will perform....

Tonight, I'm tossing up between watching Brazil - Portugal at 11:00pm or Spain - Chile at 4:00am. I think they'll both be good games. I quite enjoy watching Spain play, but I'm not sure I want to watch them after the relentless tapping up by the Barcelona players. It turns my stomach. Then again, I'd have to watch Cristano Ronaldo play for Portugal, which is even more odious. I'm leaning towards Spain-Chile, but who knows.

So on the 302nd last day of my 20s, I went to work, met the new trainee, and drove back to my old clinic to pick up my severance pay cookies. I agreed to stay back a couple of months at the other clinic in exchange for a plate of chocolate chip cookies. They're delicious, but I'm starting to think I should've held out for something more substantial.


Royal_Arsenal11 said...

hahahhahahahahahahahahahhahaha, i caught that mutant sheep reference, great flick, we drank homebrew and watched it outside projected onto 4 bedsheets sewn together, great night and hysterical film

WEG said...

Yeah, loved the film as well. And so believable.