Sunday, June 6, 2010

Schwarzer wouldn't be a bad signing

We could be getting Mark Schwarzer from Fulham for £3m. If we do, it'll be good, but not great. Schwarzer's Australian, which is a big, big plus, but he's also 37, which is a definite minus. He'll be okay for a year or two more, and then he'll definitely be in decline. So he's a short, short term proposition. He's a decent, reliable 'keeper. He'll make his share of mistakes, and he might not win any games for us, but he won't cost us as many points as Almunia currently does.

It might not be too bad. In a couple of years, Fabianski might have matured into a 'keeper who doesn't fuck it up every five minutes. Szczesny might be a bit more experienced and may be able to step up to the first team. Or maybe we'll have the opportunity to sign a goal-keeping gem in the next couple of years, and then have luxury of having a world-class keeper for the next ten years.

Whatever the case, signing Schwarzer will buy us more time to find a long-term 'keeper. The main thing is that we're going to get a 'keeper who'll be better than Almunia. And if he's Australian, that's even better. You can't have too many Australians at the Arsenal.

So on the 321st last day of my 20s, I went to church, hung around like a disappointed stink, and then went home. Lethargic and discontent.

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