Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Korea in the 2nd round

Korea got through the World Cup group stage last night. I like Korea. They're a tidy side; tactically solid, technically sound, always a bit zippy with their passing. I don't think they're going to progress much further than the second round (they're playing Uruguay next?) but it's still a mighty achievement to reach this stage. It's only the second time in their history that they've done it.

One thing that interested me was that they've hired a local manager for their national side. I think Korea went down the Dutch football route that Australia has embarked. They hired Guus Hiddink, Pim Verbeek and then a local manager. We hired Guud Hiddink, then Pim Verbeek.... and we'll need someone else after the World Cup. The Dutch influence has been good for Korea. They're playing football at a pretty high level. Let's hope we can say the same for Australia in about ten years' time.

Tonight could be Australia's last game of the World Cup. We're up against Serbia. We need to beat them by plenty, and then hope that something favourable happens between Germany and Ghana. I'm not sure what results would see us through. I think we can progress if either Germany or Ghana wins, but it depends on how much they're going to win by. I don't think we can do it, but we'll see. Our luck's got to change one of these days.

So on the 304th last day of my 20s, I went to work, ate a couple of incredibly starchy potato cakes, and then came home. I had the thought when I was munching on the potato cakes that I should've been born Scottish. I can still remember the taste of my first fried Mars Bar. It's like the most delicious thing you've ever tasted... deep fried.

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