Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The 312th last day of my 20s

van Persie played the first 70-odd minutes of the World Cup match against Denmark. He had a few good chances, and fluffed them all. My first impression of him was that he runs like an uncoordinated girl. My second impression is that he slows down play. He takes two or three touches to control a ball, compared to the crisp one-touchiness of the rest of the Dutch squad. Still, first game jitters are alright. Let's hope van Persie can put them behind him and start scoring like we all know he can.

I was really impressed by Eljero Elia. If we're going to raid the Dutchies for new talent after the World Cup, I hope we make a bid for him. He was brought on for van der Vaart in the second half, and he was one of the few Dutchies who ran with the ball with any kind of pace or intent. None of the other wingers could get behind their fullback with any great consistency. I hope Robben get well soon, because based on last night's performance, they're going to need him.

So on the 312th last day of my 20s, I worked. Spent ten minutes in the morning trying to do my hair, couldn't get the hang of it. I don't think I have the spatial awareness to style hair. I get the concept of messy-yet-stylish. I just can't translate it into hair and scalp and copious amounts of product.

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