Monday, June 7, 2010

Sandra Bullock kissing Scarlett Johansson is more interesting than Arsenal

"Number one, I'm not dead"

- Sandra Bullock, after kissing Scarlett Johansson at the mTV Movie Awards night

A strange thing happened with the whole "women kissing women during a Hollywood awards acceptance speech" idea. When it first happened with Madonna kissing Britney Spears, it was shocking and controversial. It made news headlines. But now it's a bit passe. Sandra Bullock kisses Scarlett Johansson at the mTV Awards? Meh. I've checked youTube, and even Scarlett Johansson seemed a bit bored by the idea.

What's interesting, though, is that it always seems to involve an over-the-hill celebrity trying to suck the life out of the current hot thing. Over-the-hill celebrity is trying to stir up controversy, get noticed by producers, and maybe sneak her way back onto the A-list. Current hot young thing wants to stay edgy and hip, and consents to getting snogged by an older, more desperate version of herself. It's like the circle of life played out by vultures.

At any rate, it's more interesting than what's happening with the Arsenal at the moment. Senderos has been mooted for a Fulham swap with Schwarzer. Coquelin's been mooted for a loan swap for Laurent Koscielny. And we're only going to sign Joe Cole if he's willing to take a pay-cut. It's all just talk at this stage, but personally, if we get Schwarzer, Koscielny and Cole, I'd be satisfied. If we got a DM who could slot into central defence as well, I'd be happy. If we did all of that, kept Gallas and Cesc, and got shot of Silvestre and Almunia, I'd be laughing.

And from Andrey Arshavin's website:

I've always wondered whether these questions are genuine or just a giant Russian piss-take. I wouldn't put it past Arshavin to set up a blog just to poke fun at the stilted conventions of the whole footballer-and-football-fan construct.

So on the 320th last day of my 20s, I went to work, came home, played with my nephew and started writing this blog. Nothing much happened. My nephew's starting to crawl now; he can kind of drag himself around the carpet with his arms. Once he gets the hang of pushing off with his knees, he'll be right to go.

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