Monday, August 9, 2010

Fabianski would be a funny, just not ha-ha funny

"I am fighting for my place. I try to do my best in every single game and every single training session. I don’t know if I will play against Liverpool. Now, I go to international and return on Thursday but I am ready to play. I am not worried about the stories of Arsenal being interested in other keepers. Arsenal is a massive club and every single day players are linked.”

- Lukasz Fabianski, not worried

I'm worried about the stories of Arsenal being interested in other keepers. I worry because Arsenal tend to do business quietly, and every time a quality keeper is linked to us, it's one more potential keeper who probably won't sign for us. So far, we've been linked with Schwarzter, Stekelenberg, Reina and Given, and so far, none of them have signed with us.

There's a dearth of great keepers at the moment, and the best ones are tied up on long-term contracts at big, big clubs. When you consider that Akinfeev is owned by a club that can print its own money, Lloris was exposed at the World Cup, Hart is inexperienced, Neuer would rather go to Bayern Munich, Handanovic has been ruled out.... it's a bit difficult. Sure, there's a lot of keepers who would be an improvement on Almunia and Fabianski, but there's not a lot of keepers at the level which Arsenal aspire to be.

So it looks like we may very well end up with Fabianski as our keeper when we front up to Liverpool on the 15th. I think Fabianksi in goal would be funny, but it's not a good funny. It's an uncomfortable, awkward, cringe-inducing kind of funny. It's a drunk-uncles-dancing-at-a-wedding kind of funny. It's a Ricky Gervais kind of funny. It's a Chris Lilley kind of funny. And while Fabianski-in-front-of-goal would easily make it into the youTube All-Time, Desert-Island, Top 10 of Embarrassing Moments, it's not something I look forward to seeing.

So please Wenger, no more funny business. End the farce. Buy a keeper.

So on the 259th last day of my 20s, I went to work and couldn't be bothered. I'm working on auto-pilot at the moment. I need a holiday. I get these dizzy spells every now and then, and that can't be good.

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