Monday, August 16, 2010

Arsenal 1, Liverpool 1

I haven't actually watched the match yet, but I know we drew against Liverpool. We dominated possession but couldn't score a goal, we went behind through Ngog, Cole and Koscielny both got sent off, and Reina made a mistake in the last few minutes to give us a goal and a draw. So I got the gist of it from the internet, and I suppose I'll make up my own mind tomorrow night when I'll get to watch the replay.

Comments that I read suggest that: Wilshere isn't ready for a first-team place; Koscielny is promising but we're seriously limited in terms of centre-backs (down to Vermaelen and Song after ONE match); Arshavin is lazy and unmotivated; and we desperately need a goalkeeper. All of this is stuff we kind of already know, it's just that it'll still a bit of a shock to see if unfold. This team needs surgery in order to win the Premier League. And all we're getting is a couple of placebos and a lolly-pop.

Almunia is feeling the pressure of the speculation about his position:

Sometimes - okay, most of the time - you forget that footballers are people first and heroes / role-models / celebrity object lessons / communal mythological characters second. They're just guys who happen to be really, really talented at running good and kicking good. So yeah, I kind of feel sorry for all the crap I've been hanging on Almunia. It's not fair to bag a guy who's just trying to be the best keeper he can for the club he loves.

But then again, the sad truth is that we need a better keeper if we want to win the league.

So on the 253rd last day of my 20s, I dealt with the aftermath of a terrible headache. Took two indomethacin and spent as much of the day as I could closeted in the staff room with my eyes closed. Better off going to bed.

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