Friday, March 6, 2009

We Want The Davids

This is a much better photo than the one I posted the other day.

It's one of David Villa and David Silva, presumably celebrating a brilliant goal. Scoring brilliant goals and playing breathtaking football is all they do over in Valencia, you know. Over there, they bitch and moan about how it's so boring to see fluid passing and footwork, and 40 yard screamers and dribbles.

Anyway, Valencia's in financial trouble. Serious financial trouble. The kind of financial trouble that Liverpool will soon be mired in, and which will soon consume Man Utd in a hellfire of HBOS-sized proportions. Valencia have to sell their players to try and pay off €450 million. That's a lot of money, and they'll probably have to sell their best players. That means David Villa, David Silva and Raul Albiol will soon be drooled over like a trio of prized heifers at the Royal Melbourne Show.

Your Real Madrids and your Barcelonas are probably going to slink down to Valencia and nab them, but we really should give it a shake. We need the Davids. Can you imagine a midfield of Arshavin, Silva, Fabregas and Nasri, behind a strike force of van Persie and Villa? It'll be more decadent than Marie Antoinette's play farm with the permed woolly sheep.

Wenger should get a mugshot of Villa and Silva and put them up in the Arsenal dressing room. Give the boys something to play for. If we do really well and make 4th place, Wenger will promise to buy Silva and Villa. I'm sure van Persie will perk up at that news. He might even sign a new contract.

We love the Davids, we do.

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