Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Power of Positivity

"Fly Emirates to Melbourne."

- one of the hoardings at the Emirates, making me wish if only...

One of these days, I'm going to swallow my pride and subscribe to ATVO, or something that gives me a reliable link to Arsenal games. I'm getting pretty sick of dodgy links that freeze, or Russian links that paste ads over the screen.

Half time, and we're 1-0 up. Theo ran down the right flank, crossed it low, and Arshavin slid in to poke it in at the near post. It's the Owl's first goal for the Arsenal, and hopefully the first of many, many more. And Song's running, like people do when they play football. We're passing well, and playing well, and the Arsenal are doing alright.

At least, I think so. The blue banner over the screen's been increasing in size, and it covers the whole of the pitch, now. I get a great view of one of the Emirates' stands, and commentary on the game in Russian. But at least it doesn't freeze.

I love Theo, I really do. When I watch him play, I wish I had a daughter with whom he could marry. He's the only one of our wingers who has the raw pace to run past the opposition, and it really adds something to the team. Its exciting, and focuses our passes remarkably well. We've missed it all year.

Beautiful Arsenal are back.

Arshavin's just done his second goal. Dribbled to the byline, dribbled past a defender, dribbled close enough to the near post to spit on it, and slammed it in over the keeper for a goal. Off about a 15 degree angle. The Owl is going to be awesome for us, I'm very happy with him. He's cheap, too - all he wants is a bucket of bloody rats and a place to perch after games.

I really don't know what's gotten into Song. Surging runs, crunching tackles.... it's like he's trying to play like a defensive midfielder. Who's the saint that finally kicked some sense into him?

And Eboue just scored. A simple tap-in after the keeper blocked another effort by the Owl. And now he's doing a funky dance to celebrate. 3-0 to the Arsenal.

Eboue again, off a penalty kick. A Blackburn plaer slammed into Vela and the ref called it. 4-0 to the Arsenal, and we're flying. And another dance. With Arsenal and form, it's like a bit like Australia and the weather. Topsy-turvy stuff.

But we love the Arsenal, we do.

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