Tuesday, March 24, 2009

All in a Twitter

Mr Happy: What can I do for you today?
Ms Catastrophic: I've a fishbowl on my head.

- from the Mr Men Show this morning

I'm on Twitter.

It's the hippest thing on the net at the moment, and as a hip dude, I'm obliged to join in to maintain my hipness. Otherwise, I'll consigned to the ranks of the hipster doofi, to moulder slowly into terminal unhipness. And then, there'll be no going back. I'll be growing a comb-over and hitching my hipster jeans up beyond my navel, and wearing flares and platform shoes and singing along to the Bee Gees, who once were hip, but are no longer and never will be again.

But I've been twittering for a day and a bit, and it all seems a bit self-absorbed. I know the world wants to know what I think about the Arsenal, but I don't think they're that curious about the minutae of my life. Which, when you get down to it, is what Twitter is all about. It's glorious me in all my mundanity, and I'm starting to think that there's a such a thing as too much information. You don't need to know about me doing me work, and me eating dinner and me scrubbing my backside in the shower.

It's not magic if you can see the strings.

Not much Arsenal news at the moment. There's this from van Persie:

"The quality is there but, also, more importantly, so is the winning mentality. We are just not dropping points any more. We are not doing those silly things any more which have cost us earlier in the season. We have to keep on thinking positively all the time, though."

True to form, he's been saying nice things about Bendnter and Diaby, who are both young and who are both potentially very good players. And he's saying we're invincible at the moment and gonna win the FA Cup and the Champions League. It's nice of him. We need that kind of optimism from our older players. Positivity can be infectious.

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