Sunday, March 1, 2009

0-0 against Fulham

"It's been an entertaining 0-0..... if Arsenal don't win here and Villa win as expected against Stoke, Arsenal can kiss the Champions League goodbye."

- the commentator from the FSC stream.

There's a couple of minutes of injury time left, and we're screwed.

There's no pressure from our boys, and little to no ideas, either. Fulham just made like ten passes together without a single challenge, and only lost it when they passed to Clichy. We've had few chances, but we don't really take them.

It's much like the past few games, I suppose. Eboue's done surprisingly well as a sub, and Arshavin's pretty damn good, but that's pretty much it. Wenger looks pretty pissed off, but there's no one left to blame expect himself. It's his team, his tactics, and his series of 0-0 draws.

It's a mess in midfield. The boys string a number of neat passes outside the opposition defensive zone, and then run right through the middle of it, muck it up and lose the ball. There's no one to provide real width and pace since we lost Walcott all those months before. And we're suffering for it quite badly.

Bendtner's not the answer. I know he's only 21, and he's scored 9 in 31 games (decent for a 21 year old in his first or second real season), but he's not ready to lead the line for a top 4 Premier League club. We need someone better. Like Villa. Or Eto'o. Or Batman.

We need a few signings come end of the year. Real superstar signings that won't break the bank. There's a few around, but we've got to start looking with intent, and not the in the half-arsedly laidback way in which we conducted the Arshavin deal. If we get our shit together, we could have a side like this at the start of next season:

Arshavin__The Hulk____Fabregas___Superman
van Persie___Batman

That's an exciting side.

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