Monday, March 9, 2009

Back on the Bandwagon

"It's not true, it's just Yellow Pages."

- Andrey Arshavin, BBC Football Focus, rebutting rumors that he flies his hairdresser in from Russia to cut his hair

A 3-0 win to the Arsenal.

Granted, it's only a FA Cup tie, and it's only against Burnley. In the hackneyed words of lazy commentators, we only did what was expected of us. Still, it's a 3-0 win, and after the lethargy of the previous month, we've had two games with scorelines of 3-1 and 3-0 respectively.

We've missed Eduardo. Eduardo had a very good match, and we've missed his nose for goal and his dinkiness in general. In a team of dinky passers, he's probably the dinkiest, and we need him to knit the dinky passes together into something coherent and lethal.

We've also missed Theo Walcott, who returned from injury today. We've missed his pace and his directness. I don't think it's a coincidence that we had our best run of form when he was a fixture on the right wing. He's not quite there yet (he hasn't quite worked out when to pass and when to shoot), but the talent's there and we're a better side with him there. Plus, it's he's such a nice boy.

All in all, I'm thinking it's time to get back on the bandwagon.

I'm watching an online interview of Andrey Arshavin from the BBC right now. Before he came to Arsenal, I had reservations about him. He didn't seem real. After he signed, I was curious about him, like how you sit in a new car for hours and fiddle with the radio. But now, he's played for the Arsenal a feel times and he's lost that new car smell. He's just an Arsenal player now, and I love that. He's an awesome player, and I'm profoundly grateful we've got him.

It's a good interview. He prefers to play as a second striker in a 4-4-2, and as a winger in a 4-3-3. I'm thinking half the squad prefers to play as a second striker, so maybe Wenger's thinking about a tactical change in the summer. He's quite taken by Guus Hiddink as a manager, and thinks the Russian team will implode if he leaves to manage Chelsea full-time.

And despite his protestations about his Russian hairdresser, he does have a suspiciously shorter hairdo than normal. His Russian hairdresser once said that he'll cut Arshavin's hair shorter now, so that he won't have to fly to London so often. If I was a journalist, I'd be sniffing a story here. There's a Pulitzer in the offing.

Sounds like Arshavin's a bit of a fibber.


GPS Justin said...

Am I the first poster this month?

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Actually, aside from my brother, you're probably the first poster this year. Cheers, Justin.