Sunday, March 22, 2009

3-1 to the Arsenal

We're the Arsenal and we're okay
We've got Fabregas to make the plays
We've got Arshavin to run all day
We've got Bendtner's lime green feet of clay
We're the Arsenal and we're okay!

- a ditty I made up while looking for a link. I think it's catchy, but I'm running out of words that rhyme with "okay".

IF we win this one, it'll be a great comfort. Man Utd and Chelsea have both lost, so IF we win it, we'll be back in the title race. It's only six points down from here, and we've still to play both sides, so anything's potentially possible.*

I'm saying IF in capital letters because it's kind of doubtful at the moment. 1-1 and a frozen link, which means that even if we do score a goal or two, I'll still be staring at a static image. And anyway, reports are that we're playing poorly.

Oh wait, it's the 62th minute and I'm getting Spanish commentary. Ole the Arsenal! The Owl's got red boots on and it complements his red shirt nicely. Understated, trendy and not a bit garish. So much nicer than Bendy's lime green ones. Just goes to show what a degree in high fashion can do for you. I wonder if the Owl wears yellow boots for away games?

63rd minute and we've scored. Surging run by Diaby. Now, a lot of people will say that that's Vieira-esque, but I think it's Diaby-esque. Nice run through an open midfield, a neat one-two off, and a great finish. Did I mention the surging nature of the run? I think I'll call him Serge from now on.

He comes from Cote d'Ivore!
He shoots, he scores, voila!
Di-a-by! Di-a-by!

And Nasri scored. Somehow. Sometime. Long, long ago in the depths of my frozen link. The bloggers at arseblog say that it's a nice goal, and I'd like to share the moment with them, but I can't. You shouldn't dwell in the past, and anyway, it's better to let sleeping links lie. Oh wait, it was the 67th minute.

I made a prediction somewhere along the line that we'd beat Newcastle 3-1, finish 4th and dump Chelsea out of both cup competitions. It's freaking me out, but the first prediction looks like it's happening. Reports coming in say that Newcastle are giving up.

I think I'll call it now. It's probably finished. 3-1 to the Arsenal, goals to Bendtner, Diaby and Nasri. Martins scored for Newcastle. Lovely, lovely stuff after a horrible first half. Maybe the Alchemist is right, and once you're in tune with the world, good things WILL happen to the Arsenal.

I'll have to upgrade my prediction to "Arsenal to win the Premier League".

I'd like to know what's happening with all these Arsenal streams. They're all either frozen, banned or so jerky that it's not worth watching. Might have to become a Lazio supporter on days I can't get one up; they've got lovely broadcasts happening.

At least I saw Diaby's goal. Nice. We love the Arsenal, we do.

* I just had a look at the table, and realised how ridiculous that sounds. But it's still doable for Liverpool, if we help them along. And I'm an Anyone But United fan as well being an Arsenal one.


Anonymous said...

Words that rhyme with okay...


You get the idea, i expect another 3 parts to your ode by the time i wake in the morning. 10.00ish, GMT.


GPS Justin said...

Yeah, I was originally too. Now coming from Sydney, Australia, and has been for a while.......

Speaking of little songs and all, here's mine that I made up a while ago...

Man U's for losers
Chelsea is for cunts
Blackburn's the constipated
and forget the bloody Spurs

West Ham's gettin' hammered
West Brom's gone west
Middlesbrough's the fags
and Newcastle's a pain in the chest.

SUnderland never win
and so for stupid Hull
Fulham's a load of crap
and Wigan's just dull

Bolton's Wandering
Villa is a hoax
Everton's gone blue
and Liverpool's a joke

Portsmouth got no class
City is for twats
Stoke's too stoked to be in the league......

And that leaves the Gunners that will win!!

Connolly's agent said...

We're spread from Islington to Mandalay
We're watching Arsenal night and day
We're watching Arsenal making hay
We're the Arsenal and we're okay!