Friday, March 27, 2009

Mr T's on Twitter

"There some fools goin unpitted on Twitter right now. I'm here to fix it."

- 80s_Mr_T, on Twitter, 2:11PM 27/02/09

I've been playing around with Twitter a bit, and it's not all bad. Found the fake Eboue's Twitter site, and Ashton Kutcher's site. Fake Eboue's really funny; sounds lik a cool guy to have around in the dressing room. Ashton sounds like a sweet, earnest guy, but a bit dim at times.

Best of all, though, I've found Mr T's Twitter page. It's most amusing. As he puts it himself, pity the fool who doesn't know who he is.

I also pity the fools who are trying to blog about Arsenal during an international fortnight. It's pretty damn difficult for a savant like me, so I imagine it's doubly hard for those who actually try to report Arsenal news. You scour newsnow hoping for an Arsenal story, but you really don't want one because it's most likely about one of our players getting injured.

There's a report on about how we're going to buy Gourcuff at the end of the season. It's a pretty pathetic story, as the only substantiating evidence is a Nasri quote taken from L'Equipe saying:

“He (Gourcuff) had a hard time during his stay with Milan. Many people wrote him off too quickly. But, as far as I am concerned, I was always aware of his potential."

It's not exactly a proclaimation of eternal love and fidelity by young Sammy, but he likes Gourcuff okay. And since Gourcuff's french, young and a potentially brilliant attacking midfielder, I suppose it's reasonable to suggest Arsenal might be after him. My only query is why on earth Milan would want to sell a guy who's just had an outstanding season at Bordeaux and is rated one of the best prospects in Europe.

The Sun's still on about Cesc's spitting incident. Alleged spitting, I suppose, since there weren't any witnesses and it's Horton's word against Cesc's. I didn't even bother linking on the link, because you kind of know what it's going to be about; the uncouth habits of those dastardly continentals.

And then there's Myles, from Arsenal News Review, with dramatic news about Tomas Rosicky:

"My latest info on Rosicky is that he's had body problems for years."

It doesn't take a network of reporters, snitches and insiders to come up with that kind of news, Myles. He's been out injured ever since he signed with Arsenal, and Dortmund sold him because they were sick of his injuries. You could probably google "Rosicky" and the top three links would be hospitals in the General London area.

As I said, I pity those fools (bloggers, that is).

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