Monday, March 2, 2009

Anyone But United

Around the beginning of the season, I had a bit of affection for Man Utd. Good side, playing attractive football, with a manager who'll probably go down as the greatest ever in England. They play prettier than Chelsea did, and they didn't have Terry or Cole in their side. Ferguson's a ruthless, relentless manager, and you've got to admire a guy who's still willing to learn and sacrifice to succeed after 30 years (?) in the trade.

In last year's Champions League final, I was going for United.

But it's all changed. Liverpool lost over the weekend, and with that, their title hopes are pretty much shot to pieces. In England at the moment, there is only Man Utd, then daylight, then three flagging sides, and then the basketcase of nervosa known as the Arsenal. The prospect of Man Utd winning three Premierships in a row is nauseating, but inevitable.

At the moment, I'm firmly on the Anyone But United bandwagon. It is sickening to imagine that they're on the way to another seven, eight year run as top dog. It is sickening to think that the Arsenal are sliding down to mid-table mediocrity like a whimpering lap dog. And it is incredibly sickening to think that no one has been able to knock Man Utd off the perch - not Arsene's Invincibles, nor Mourinho's Annoying, Boring Bastards nor Benetiz's Mechanical Army. We're just good enough for a couple of seasons' worth of ascendancy, and then we all fall on our collective arses.

C'mon Arsene. The world needs you to pull your fucking head out of Song's arse, smell the shit and overhaul this fucking side again. There is no fucking way I'm going to go through another seven years of Man Utd dominance.

It's too horrible to contemplate.

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