Monday, July 19, 2010

Transfer speculation

It’s been rumoured that we’ve made a £18 million bid for Everton centre-back Phil Jagielka. If it’s true, I don’t get it. It’s not fancy enough for the Arsenal. We like our defenders fairly cheap, skinny, and in possession of great technical quality. Also, we spent a month dicking around trying to sign Ksocielny for £10m, so why are we suddenly making a more expensive purchase a coupe of weeks later? It doesn’t make sense. Logic would’ve been to have made the more important purchase first, and then spend the remainder of the transfer season dicking around with Ligue 2 players.

Also, if we’re really going to spend £18m on a defender, why couldn’t it be someone a bit more exotic, like a Zapata, Kjaer, Sakho or one of those Uruguayan defenders who seemed quite good at the World Cup?

I’m actually looking forward to us starting the season with Vermaelen, Koscielney, Djourou and Nordtveit as our four central defenders. And I’m terribly excited by the prospect that they’ll be defending Fabianski in goal. Considering our performances last season, it’ll certainly be a spectacle. Oh, what larks we’ll have!

So on the 280th last day of my 20s, I got into a good-natured argument with the GOMD’s sister. One of those deals where she’s on the edge of going ballistic, and you begin to realise that pissing off the GOMD’s older sister ISN’T going to endear yourself more to her. So I bit my tongue, kept it in... it’s the same thing we’ve been arguing about for a few months now, and it’s so frustrating to know that you can win but only if you brought out your rhetorical napalm and employed a scorched earth policy.

Later on, I asked her if the GOMD was like her in an argument, and she said that she doesn’t argue. The GOMD avoids confrontation, rolls her eyes, disengages, and just cuts you off dead. Man, that’s cold. And that’s just what she did to me on Sunday. That’s really cold.

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