Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Argies are out as well

So on the 294th last day of my 20s, international teams are dropping like flies. The Argies went out 0-4 against a very impressive Germany. And Paraguay went out in a bizarre match against Spain. There's only 4 teams and 4 matches left in the 2010 World Cup. It doesn't feel like it's been three weeks, but I suppose it's almost over. I think I'll miss it when it ends.

I'll miss the Argies. They played crazy, attacking, impossible football. They play two wingers as central midfielders, one defensive midfielder, and three strikers. They sat back too deep against Germany, gave them too much space, and got cut to shreds. As they say, live by crazy attacking football, die by crazy attacking football. Still, they gave us some of the best moments of the World Cup so far.

I think Argentina should consider giving Maradona another go at international management. For one thing, it probably helps him keep on the straight and narrow. For another thing, he provides a bit of much-needed character to international football. I can't imagine 2010 without Maradona on the sidelines.

It'll be interesting to see how Spain and Germany match up in the semi-final.

Spain haven't been that good. Torres is off-pace, and they don't have much going for them other than Villa's finishing. They keep the ball all day, but it translates to an Arsenal-esque performance. I think I said once that Spain are missing Messi, and I think I'm right. They're lacking that vitality and directness that Messi would bring.

On the other hand, Germany are awesome. Fast, technical, good movement, lethal. They're tear through Spain's defence like snot through a Kleenex party. I'm worried about Spain's ability to cope with them.

Then again, the team I thought would win it (Brazil) and the team I like best (the Argies) have gone out in two successive nights. So I really don't know what I'm talking about.

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