Thursday, July 29, 2010

Still on the hunt for a centre-back

"We are still on the search for centre-halves. We have three and we need at least four. There are people we consider and are analysing and we look at the financial possibilities."

- Arsene Wenger, on the hunt for centre-halves

With the departure of Sol Campbell, it's getting alarming. Senderos has gone, Gallas is going, Sol's gone, Silvestre's gone. We're down to Vermaelen, Koscielny (who hasn't played in the Premier League yet), Djourou (who's injured), and maybe one of the kids in Bartley or Nordtveit. It's a bit thin on paper, and you've got to think that Wenger saying "we need at least four" is a gross understatement. Personally, I'd like us to buy two more experienced centre-backs.

But it's comforting that we're still on the search for centre-halves. I was told the other day that the way you find what you're looking for it is to stop looking and let it come to you. If you're too intent on it, it's not going to happen anyway. But I'm thinking it's a bit different when it comes to centre-backs, a transfer window that's rapidly closing, and a full season ahead with just one Belgian, one skinny French/Polish chappie, and an injured Swiss defender.

Time to get a bit more pro-active, Wenger. Don't worry about being creative about it. Anyone will do. Buy a Zapata, a Chiellini, a Cahill, a Kjaer... it doesn't have to be a transfer coup which will enhance your reputation - just get someone experienced and reliable.


On the other hand, we're always linked to young, small, creative midfielders who may or may not be great in a few years. The latest one who's been linked to us is Sebastian Giovinco, who at 5'5, may give Arshavin a run for his money at the annual limbo competition. I loved Giovinco in Football Manager, he was the heartbeat of my Juve side for ten years, so I'm pretty excited about this one. Also, imagine how funny it'll be to have Arshavin on one wing and Giovinco on the other. We could have the first attack which features players running between the defenders' legs.

So on the 270th last day of my 20s, my book fell apart, and I took the afternoon off because of lack of patients. Not to disappointed, since it's a bit of a relief to have an afternoon off. Makes it feel like it's a Friday. When you consider that I've got Saturday off this week as well, I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Spent most of the day thinking about something the GOMD said on the Tuesday. She said I was a lot like a friend of hers. She said it with a strange look on her face and a little smile on her lips. Her friend is a guy who she professes to have no interest in, but the way they act with each other.... there's something there. I keep going over all the possible permutations, and it's killing me. What did she mean? And is it what I want it to mean?

Going to have to ask her tomorrow.

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