Friday, July 2, 2010

Honda to Arsenal

When Wenger thinks a player is a "good playa", that's when the magic starts. The media swings into action, saying that the Arsenal are poised to make a bid for said player. Man City and Chelsea become interested. The player's value sky-rockets out of Arsenal's reach. Man City and Chelsea lose interest and start bidding for Dzeko. And a few weeks later, Tottenham sign him in a "coup".

This time around, it's Keisuke Honda, who's been lighting up the Japan side.

I think Honda would be good for us. But then, most players would be good for us, non? One thing that gives weight to this rumour is that Honda can be used in Wenger's end-of-season Castrol Oil promotional deals. Who greases the wheels of the Honda to Arsenal move? Castrol Oil, the oil trusted by more greasy football agents than any other brand of oil.

Brazil versus the Netherlands at the moment, and while I would like to see van Persie progress to the next round, I don't think the Dutchies have a chance. Brazil have this hulking massed defence that is brilliant, great interchange, a beast of a full-back in Maicon, and some of the best offensive players in the world. But most of all, they play as a team. Netherlands have comparable offensive talent, but it's not a coherent side - it's an academic exercise in trying to squeeze van Persie, Sneijder, Robben and van der Vaart into the same team. That said, it's not a bad dream. Before the Netherlands get knocked out, I'd like to see all four on the pitch at the same time.

Going to be a good game, hopefully.

So on the 296th last day of my 20s, I went to work, came home. Went to church, saw a girl get prayed for, and then vomit, cry, vomit some more, and then get carted off to the side. After that, they started passing out Kleenex as a precaution. Kind of disappointed that when I was prayed for, I didn't excrete a single bodily fluid.

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