Friday, July 30, 2010

Barcelona players should buy Cesc with their own money

The problem is that Cesc Fabregas is worth about £20m more than Barcelona are able to afford.We value him at £55m. Barcelona are only able to stump up £35m. There’s a £20m difference that can’t be bridged, no matter how many tapping up attempts are made.

However, there is a solution. Off the top of my head, the following players have pleaded with the Arsenal to sell Fabregas: Xavi, Ineista, Puyol, Pedro, Busquets, Pique, and even Messi had a snipe. Now these folks are obscenely rich. If the Barcelona players are that desperate to bring Cesc back to the club, I think they should pool together the extra £20m needed to get the transfer bid to an acceptable sum. Barcelona pay their players a great deal, but Barcelona are in a world of debt. Barcelona cannot afford Cesc Fabregas, but the Barcelona players can. If those seven players are as desperate to sign Cesc as they say, it’ll only be £3m or so.

C’mon fellows, put your money where your mouth is!

So on the 269th last day of my 20s, I finished off three of my long-standing patients and got within sight of finishing off the other two. After those two, I can quit and leave and never have to see that place again. There is a lot wrong with the set-up, I don’t have the will to argue.

Today, I bought a little futsal ball for my nephew’s 1st birthday. I spent last week trying to find an Arsenal futsal ball but I couldn’t find one, and had to buy a Brazil ball instead. That and an England ball were the only two that was inflated at the toy store, and I couldn’t stomach giving him an Ingerland ball. I think they say that a 1st birthday present is often a projection of what the giver hopes that baby will grow up into. So I better start pestering his parents into enrolling him in a Brazilian Soccer Skills summer school when he learns how to walk.


Barcelona hop on hop off bus said...

To be honest, I agree with you but this cannot happen, would be the first time in football if it is happens.

Also Cesc is very keen to join Barcelona, so he also could put the money to make the transfer a reality.

I understand him perfectly, not only because he would join his former team which is now the best in the world, also because Barcelona is one the most beautiful cities I've ever been to.

WEG said...

Barcelona IS a beautiful place, and there is no comparison to North London. All Arsenal have to offer is financial stability (unlike Barca, we can afford to pay our players on time, without having to take out loans), legions of fans who love him for him (as opposed to the symbolic prodigal son), and a genuine greasy English fry-up on a late Sunday morning.

Incidentally, I wouldn't think that the hop-on, hop-off bus is the best way to see Barcelona. There's a certain charm about walking down La Rambla, getting lost in the Gothic Quarter, or walking through the fin-de-siecle streets and casually bumping into Modernist masterpieces. First time I saw Casa Milla, I stood in front of it for five minutes, just stunned by its weirdness.

I firmly believe that Barcelona is best explored on foot.