Monday, July 5, 2010

Pique, Cesc, Barcelona... you get the idea

Gerard Pique has spoken to the Daily Star about Cesc wanting to Arsenal for Barcelona:

It's strange that Pique chose an English tabloid instead of a pro-Barca Spanish paper to voice his opinion. It's even stranger that he's chosen the one with which Peter Hill-Wood invariably makes an ass of himself. If there was an English newspaper that projected credibility, integrity, honesty and good old-fashioned ethical journalism, the Daily Star wouldn't be it. So I guess it's a perfect match.

I'm a bit sick of Spain players talking crap about Fabregas. Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro, Pique... they've all chimed in with a "Cesc for Barca" story at one time or another. It's disrespectful to Cesc, and to the Arsenal, but also to the Spanish national team. They should be focussing on winning the World Cup, not on tapping up one of their teammates. At least Guardiola has class.

Pique's got a unique insight on this matter, though. He was best mates with Cesc at La Masia. He followed Cesc to England as a youngster, joining Man Utd instead of the Arsenal. He was persuaded to return to Barcelona by Pep Guardiola. And now he's urging Cesc to follow him back to Barcelona, to play with his mates, play for his first club and play under his childhood hero. It's a dream that would tempt many people, and I don't doubt that Cesc is seriously considering it.

I hope Cesc stays for a few more seasons, win a few things for us, and leaves behind a legacy of a clutch of little Fabreg-Rugrats to take over his position. But if he wants to go now, I say let him go provided the price is right. A footballer's career is too short to waste on waiting for teammates to grow up.

So on the 293rd last day of my 20s, nothing went right at work. Things kept going wrong. Profoundly glad when I came home. Time to practice harm-minimalisation, I think, and get an early night's sleep. After all, nothing can go wrong in bed.

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