Monday, May 24, 2010

Nothing to report about the Arsenal, folks

Not much going on with the Arsenal these days. Even the mooted Cesc to Barcelona deal has gone underground. We've been flooded with various retaliatory transfer rumours, ranging from Ibrahimovic and Toure, to Gourcuff and Gomis, and even to youth players like Gai Assulin, but who takes them seriously?

If Cesc goes, I'd like to see a bid on Gourcuff. I doubt it'll happen, but it would be nice to see him reunited with Chamakh. That partnership would add an interesting dynamic to our current style of play. The problem is that Bordeaux would likely use any bid of ours to try and recoup the lost transfer fee from Chamakh's free agency. So if we made a bid of 25m, we would really need to be 34m to succeed.

Meanwhile, Nina Bracewell-Smith is going to sell her shares to a Nigerian chap. She hired an American company to flog her shares all over the world, and it's taken her months to find interested parties. I never understood the appeal of spending that much money on shares of a company that doesn't pay dividends. Unless you want a place on the directors balcony to hang your "Signings or Sign Out!" banners.

So on the 334th last day of my 20s, I dwelt a bit on last night's conversation with the girl of my dreams. Wondering whether it's possible that she really is too busy this week for dinner, and that she'd be amenable to the idea a bit later. It's the start of tax season, and she knocks off work between 7-9pm every night. If it was me, I wouldn't want to go out to dinner after a 12 hour shift. Should've asked her about another time. Now I've got to wait another week before I can call her.

Dammit - nonchalance can be an over-rated virtue.

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