Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Guardian wants Arsenal to sign Joe Hart

The Guardian thinks that Wenger thinks that Joe Hart should sign for Arsenal. It's difficult to tell, because the Guardian don't offer any quotes from Wenger, but if it's printed in a national paper, surely it's true? I suppose there's little chance of it happening, since Hart will be needed to cover for Given's injury, but still, it's nice to dream that we'll soon field a 'keeper who isn't either Fawlty or Flappintaski.

I'm not convinced that Joe Hart is the way to go. He's still very young, and has just had his break-thorough year at Birmingham. Next season, he'll have a more difficult run. If he plays for the Arsenal, he'll be stuck behind a kamikaze back four, and a team that doesn't practice set-plays. There is a fair chance that he'll be loaded with unrealistic expectations, and when he fails, he'll be jeered and booed until my throat is hoarse.

It'll be better for him if he stayed at a club which values defending.

I'd like a 'keeper with a bit of experience. Buffon is apparently thinking about leaving Juventus. If he does, I'd like us to buy him. He's probably off his peak, but he'd still be a great 'keeper for us. Or anyone, really, just as long as they'll be able to handle 'keeping in front of a defence that collapses whenever it feels like it.

So on the 353rd last day of my 20s... it wasn't my day at work. Things didn't turn out well. Nothing bad happened, but things were counter-productive. I finally gave up one hour before closing time, shut up shop and finished work. Nothing good was going to come out of that day. Had dinner with my mate and his wife, talked a bit more about her sister. Well, they talked and I whinged. Those two have the patience of saints.

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