Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ashley C***'s won the double

"I came here to win trophies and this is the third one I've won here. It is a great achievement for me and I'm very happy and to do the double here is fantastic."

- Ashley C***, happy to win trophies with Chelsea

Well, Chelsea beat Portsmouth in the FA Cup. It's a little sad because Portsmouth is staring into the abyss of financial doom, and a shiny new trophy would've made everyone a little bit happier. It's also sad because it means Ashley C*** gets to say things like the above.

C*** left the Arsenal and signed for Chelsea. He was stiffed on a contract and run off to Chelsea looking for a new deal. When Arsenal found out, we hung him out to dry, and he got angry about it. He signed for Chelsea, and five years down the track, he's got another double and we're fielding a team of mediocre young footballers instead of experienced pros.

A footballer's life is lived within the span of ten or so seasons. If you take aside the fact that C*** is a c*** of the highest order, you've got to admit he did the right thing for his career. You don't want to spend it waiting around for your colleagues to grow up. You want to be in thick of things, winning things, living out all your dreams without regrets of what might have been. Hang around and wait for years and years, and you might have nothing to show for it. Jump ship and hang onto something real, and who knows? You might find everything you're looking for.

So on the 342nd last day of my 20s, I went to church, went to lunch and had fish and chips, had a chat with a mate who's about to redo his high school diploma, and came home and had dinner with my brother and his family. I met my nurse at the church, and I agreed to met up with the girl she vaguely knows. It's the sensible thing to do. As my mate said, I should keep my options open.

The girl of my dreams is tired or depressed, and disinterested in me. She has problems of her own and I'd loved to talk to her about them, but she doesn't confide in me. I talk to her, and ask her stuff. She replies, but just she's being nice, and she's killing me with her politeness. I'm just a stranger to her, and you don't show your true self to a stranger. If I had a chance with her, I'd wait for her forever, but if I don't have a chance...

Maybe Ashley C*** was right.

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