Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The 346th last day of my 20s

There's not a lot of Arsenal news going on, is there?

I'm a bit tired to do a post-season review, and besides, I think I did one a while back. I don't really see the point of doing another one, since it would be a carbon-copy of last year's one: good in the beginning, "unexpected" injuries to key players, mid-season lull, end of season revival, finishing 3rd or 4th with the promise that our young players are "ready to step up" next season.

If we get the right players, then there will be change. If we get the right coaching personnel, or if we start coaching defence, then there will be change. But if we keep going on this youth policy without tweaking the side, we're going to be in the exact same position in 12 months' time.

It's a bit annoying.

So on the 346th last day of my 20s, I woke up, played a bit with my baby nephew, went to work, spent an hour in a staff meeting wondering at the pettiness that workplace interactions can inspire, had dinner with a mate and came home. Found out that this mate's best friend is the girl of my dreams' ex-boyfriend. Getting information from him was like trying to squeeze blood out of a stone, though.

My nephew's growing up so quickly. He's almost ready to crawl. He can get on all fours for a couple of seconds. He can wiggle around on his belly like a polar-fleece clad caterpillar. He's so close to putting it all together, and he knows it. There's this look of intense concentration when I put things just a couple of inches out of his reach, and he's striving to get them. Maybe this week, maybe the next... and then my little nephew will be just that little bit more independent, just a little bit more ready for the big, bad world.

I realise I'm phoning in a lot of posts these days, but that's the monotony of life, isn't it? Stuff happens in its own sweet time.

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