Saturday, June 7, 2008

What The Fuck?

"Chelsea reject Adrian Mutu has given up cocaine, which he took to boost his sexual performances with porn stars. Mutu is now happily married and the star of a Romania team that Holland could not beat in the qualifiers."

- Myles Palmer, Arsenal News Review

The above quote has no correlation to the subject of this post, other than that it's fucking with my mind. Not the bit about Mutu kicking his habit, nor that he's happily married - I'm just wondering what relevance this had to an article previewing Euro2008. Myles writes some pretty fucked up things, sometimes.

Anyway, the theme of this post is "WTF".

The subject of this post is that Giovanni Dos Santos has moved... to Tottenham!

What The Fuck?!

I've read a lot of dodgy transfer rumours over the years, but this takes the cake. Why Tottenham? Why 4.7 million? Why so little for a player that has so much potential? Why to such a small club? Do Barcelona have rocks in their heads? Does Dos Santos?

And why the fuck didn't Wenger try to scupper this deal?

I'm a bit too shell-shocked to continue...

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