Friday, June 27, 2008

Don't Look Back

Don’t look back into the sun
Now you know that the time has come
And they said it would never come for you oh oh oh oh

- The Libertines, Don't Look Back Into The Sun

When are we buying Sammy Nasri?

I don't know. Like most people, I'm increasingly bored with the transfer market. It's dead news. There's no need to worry about who's going to leave, who's in the papers, or agonize over incredibly protracted transfer deals. It's going to happen no matter what, and nothing we can do will effect that.

Cast your mind back to the days when transfer season was exciting. Remember those times? For me, the last time I genuinely went into an off season with hope was the year Vieira left. Back then, Wenger was still untouchable, Henry was the golden boy, and we still had the vestiges of that glorious Unbeaten Season.

Yes, it was scary that Vieira left. But I was optimistic that we'd replace him with someone younger, fitter, and in a few years, just as good. And that we'd rule the Premiership once more. I scoured the internet for news and dreamed a young man's dreams of instant glory. It was exciting.

I want those times back. So, I'm going to write about Benzema to Arsenal. It probably won't happen, but I want to talk about it because it makes me happy.

I'd love to see him at our club. Some say Benzema's over-rated, that Ligue 1 is weak and Olympique Lyonnais are too strong. It's true that he's unproven in the Premiership and may have problems adapting. But I think he'll be great. He's got all the qualities that an Arsenal player needs (pace, strength, technique and a love of baguettes). Plus, he's young. Plus, I still get shivers from that goal he scored against Man Utd. He could do that for us next year!

Imagine Benzema in an Arsenal shirt, scoring the winner at Old Trafford. Imagine us winning the league because of that goal. It's a dream that's shiny and pretty and perfect. It's optimistic. It's fun.

But then, the feeling fades as you realise it's never going to happen. Benzema will cost 40 million pounds, and Wenger will never spend that kind of money. Actually, Man Utd will probably snap him up after they sell Ronaldo.

Real life has an unpleasant way interrupting one's fantasies.

The truth is that Arsenal today may never reach the heights of the Pires/Vieira/Henry years. Maybe it was a lucky coincidence that Wenger found those guys at the same time. Maybe it'll never happen again. It's a different world with Chelski on the scene.

It'll never be what it used to be. The promise of youth will always fade. Life corrupts virtue. Always has been, always will be. Pete Doherty and Carl Barat knew that when they wrote this song, during the time when the Libertines were breaking up.

The Libertines were gorgeous. Two albums later, they were nothing. And try as they might, those guys will never have anything as good or innovative or meaningful again. But what are they to do? Try, try again. Find virtue in what they're up to now.

And what are we to do? Just go on living. Have faith that the next thing will be meaningful and just as worthwhile for your affections. Hleb and Ade may be going, but Sammy and Benny (hopefully) will replace them. Probably better, maybe not, but you know... you've got to keep on going.

Only, don't look back into the sun. It's way too sad.

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Krustify said...

Well said man! I discovered your blog around a couple of weeks ago, and have enjoyed it ever since. Even thought sometimes they are a little round about. Really run to read. :)