Monday, June 23, 2008

My FM08 side

You'll be glad to know that my FM08 side has won the Premier League and Champions League double. We were unbeaten in the league and won it in a canter. We beat Chelsea 1-0 in the CL final. The only sour point was that we lost the FA cup final to Man Utd through a fluky Rooney goal. That still grates. Would've been a glorious treble.

Anyway, in the off season, I sold Vela to Barcelona for 23 million and Diego. I didn't have much choice - Vela was champing at the bit to go, and he never felt comfortable in England. I also sold Wright-Phillips, Rosicky and Diaby and bought Benzema. I wanted to sell Eduardo, but no one wanted to buy him.

I'm still sticking with 4-1-4-1. It's a good formation. Flamini's developed into a world-class defensive midfielder, and I'm drooling over the prospect of seeing Ben Afra, Diego, Fabregas and van Persie support either Adebayor or Benzema. I'm undecided about the effectiveness of Miguel Veloso as Flamini's understudy, however. He's got great stats, but he's really poor in that holding midfield role. I think I'll wait a year for Sankhare to mature, and then move Veloso on.

Gallas is still captain, but not for long. His contract expires at the end of this season, and he'll be 32 by then. I think I should let him leave on a Bosman and make Toure captain. Bellaid, Sakho and Nordveit will be more than adequate replacements at CD. It's cruel because Gallas has been an excellent captain, but there's no room for sentiment in professional football.

And yes, I know it's just a computer game, but it beats reading about how we're going to lose Adebayor and how we're not going to sign anyone older than 19.

Oh, and I worked out how to do La Roulette with a futsal ball. I'm awesome - like Zidane, only with hair.

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thisthingison said...

Fuck 'em all. We're inches away - inches, I tell you - from covering ourselves in glory.

And as you said yourself, we should cherish the Wenger years, they won't last forever. 19-year-olds is the price we pay for it.