Sunday, June 8, 2008

Euro 2008 is like KFC

I'm a sucker for KFC.

Right now, my insides are in the process of rejecting five pieces of original recipe chicken that I scoffed down half an hour ago. It's toxic stuff; the skin's leathery and crunchy, the oil drips down your fingers, and the meat itself is fatty, oily and makes a horrible squishy sound when you bite down.

I don't know what I was thinking.

Tastes change. I used to be able to eat a bucket and be right for more. I used to wash it down with a one litre bottle of coke. But now, I really wish I'd gone for the nice Thai beef salad in the shop next door. With a pot of Chinese tea. I'm heartily sick of saturated fats, heartburn, greasy headaches. I'm of the opinion now that KFC is disgusting, disgusting stuff.

Which brings me to Euro 2008.

To my surprise, SBS managed to snare 8 matches. I'm debating whether to watch them or not. I was quite disappointed with the World Cup, and am starting to believe that international football IS inferior to top level club football. I'm not sure I can be bothered waking up at 2am every morning to watch stilted football by countries that have no meaning to me.

Case in point - I watched the first half of Switzerland vs Cezech Republic last night, before I turned it off. Without Rosicky, the Czechs looked dull and pedestrian. Switzerland looked as boring as they did in the World Cup. And both countries fielded such ugly, ugly players - it was like watching two teams of Flaminis.

Actually, that's a bit harsh. The technical level was pretty good, but it just lacked that special something I get from watching the Arse. It was a bit like watching Keira Knightley - you know she's a pretty girl, but she doesn't do anything for you. She's too androgynous, too thin... not sexy at all.

Anyway, Spain and Russia up next, Wednesday night (I think). I'll probably stay up for that match. I'd like to take a peek at those Spanish players we're not going to sign. At least I'll be able to fantasize about the team we SHOULD'VE had, when we're drawing against Bolton next year.

Might have to throw up first, though.

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