Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Something to play for

"This is the moment that we've waited for. I'm an optimist and I believe I will win it [the Champions League] and the sooner, the better. That's why I am here with complete belief."

- Arsene Wegner, who's so excited he's about to break out in showtunes

We're playing Man Utd tomorrow morning. Getting really nervous. It's like that feeling you get the afternoon before the school play, as you're walking into the auditorium and it's buzzing with anticipation. There's the fear of the unknown, the quivering stomach and the vague sense of impending doom.

Or maybe it's just because I quit my job this morning and I'm at loose ends.

Whatever the case, I'll be up tomorrow morning whether we're going to do it. Whether we're going to beat Man Utd. I don't have anything intelligent to say about it, so I won't try. Odds are, we're going to lose. But then, we support Arsenal, so we got to think we're going to win it, right? Anyway, there's something to play for. It's in our power to stop this:

It's almost as revolting as seeing Ashley Cole win something. C'mon Arsenal.


GPS Justin said...

Screw United

And what exactly are you resigning from?

GPS Justin said...
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Connolly's agent said...

my job

Anonymous said...

You not got another job lined up?

10 mins and counting....


weg said...

yeah I do, but I've been here for 5 years... it's still a bit of a shock. Like the first time you saw Song play like a footballer - you know it would happen one day, you just never really quite believed it.