Wednesday, April 8, 2009

1-1 at El Madrigal

"In the end there were two Arsenals: the one from London and the one from Spain's east coast. For a long time last night Arsenal appeared to be out-Arsenaled, threatened by a team that plays their game as well as they do."

- Sid Lowe, from the Guardian

I really enjoyed the game this morning. Attacking football, great passing and movement, and a couple of spectacular goals to Senna and Adebayor. We spent the bulk of the match trailing 0-1, and I wasn't that upset because it was a genuinely entertaining match between two very similar teams.

My opinion of Marcos Senna went up a few notches. I'd previously regarded him as just a good defensive midfielder, but the guy has moves. Damn fine midfielder, and I can see why Villareal slapped a £15 million price-tag on him last summer. He bossed Denilson and Song like they were a couple of truant schoolkids, and that goal of his was top-notch.

My opinion of the Arsenal went up as well. We played poorly in the first half and allowed Villareal the bulk of possession. Denilson and Song were largely absent, and Nasri was poor. Apart from Cesc and Walcott, there wasn't much of an attacking threat. But we came back after the break and played well. We scored the goal and bossed Villareal around. Yes, we should've played like that in the first half, but the important thing is that we came back. That shows a bit of character. And a bit of guts.

It's very exciting to be an Arsenal supporter at the moment. The quality is there, and you feel that success is almost tangible. We just need to get more game time into our youngsters. If Denilson and Song learn to tackle and dominate a midfield, if Clichy learns to cross, if Walcott learns to shoot, if Nasri becomes more consistent.... it's very exciting to consider how much improvement there is in our boys.

And what about the goal by Adebayor? He misses sitters by the dozen and then scores freakish goals like that. You would never have thought he'd have it in him, but then again, you would never have thought he was worth 80k a week, either. I suppose Wenger and co. do know what they're doing.

Wigan up next. It's important that we don't slack off against them, that we keep our unbeaten streak going. Arshavin's back in the team, and Cesc, Adebayor and Theo should be fully fit. The games are coming thick and fast, and we need to win them all.

C'mon the Arsenal.


GPS Justin said...

A great finish from Adebayor, if we're to sell him we'll have a good profit!

I hope we don't sell Adebayor, he's doing great now past his hammy injury

Connolly's agent said...

I suspect we could do better with another striker, but Ade does the job. If we sell him and buy someone as good or better, that's great. But I dbout we will; probably go out and get another "maybe" player like Eduardo.

Good goal.

Vertino Aleci said...

I think Ade might be on the bench on saturday and bendtner start ahead of him. My preference would be to play Vela with him in that case. Theo might be a substitute as well, and goal machine Eboue will get a start. Two tougher games after Wigan are the reasons for my assumptions I've made.

Connolly's agent said...

It's a nice idea to rotate, and I think Wenger will do that, but I think we should just play our best 11 until they drop. We need to keep on winning as many games as possible, and that's easier done with the same players.

Connolly's agent said...
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