Sunday, April 5, 2009

Arsenal vs Man City

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- the Top 10 hottest Google search terms for 4/4/09, in a bid to get more traffic to this blog. I'm surprised there's nothing about sex, porn or Britney Spears.  

It looks like a lazy spring afternoon in London - the stands are full, the grass is green and the Arsenal are dominating. Beautiful stuff and it makes me wish I was there. In fact, we're going so well we look a bit nonchalant. About ten minutes ago, some dude (Cesc?) crossed it in from the right, Adebayor headed it in. He wasn't marked and didn't even bother jumping for it.

1-0 to the Arsenal.

21st minute, and Toure just drove in from the right, skinned two Man City players and hammered the ball right into the 'keeper's chest. We're playing really, really Arsenalesque at the moment; brilliant football with no goals and a shakey defence. I hope we can get that second goal, I really do.

24th minute. Nice little through ball by Walcott to Adebayor. Adebayor hits it at the keeper, the ball rebounds to Arshavin, who has an open goal.... and Adebayor's called for being offside. I wonder how many games it'll take for Arshavin to get so pissed off at Adebayor that he'll try to headbutt him in the groin?

31st minute, and we're defending like crap. Some bald Man City dude was unmarked on the edge of the penalty area and hit the post. I know Gallas and Toure aren't on speaking terms, but couldn't they at least pay attention to each other on the pitch? It's not enough for them to say "I'll defend my half and you defend yours."

It's almost halftime, and we need that second goal. Man City's brought Elano on the pitch to take advantage of our crappy, slack, and lazy defending. If it wasn't for Almunia and the woodwork, we'd be in a bad, bad place right about now.

48th minute. Adebayor. Second goal. Yay. A hint of offside, a nice little side-step and a calm finish. But still, can't get excited about Adebayor's goals. I wonder why?

2-0 to the Arsenal.

62nd minute, and they've really got to find a way to protect Arshavin. Just got mowed down by Richards(?). The Owl gets hacked up every game he plays, and I'm starting to worry about how he'll take season after season of this treatment. He's only a slight fellow.

70th minute, and Bendnter's coming on for Adebayor, and Eboue coming on for Walcott. Wenger loves bring on these two on the 70th minute. It's traditional. Arsenal's steeped in traditions like that.

78th and Cesc is off for Ramsey. Good performance by Cesc today, especially after three months off. And the 4-2-3-1 worked well with Cesc, Theo and the Owl. It's something we should persevere with.

And we've won. I think 92 minute, and there can't be much left. Nice performance by the boys.

2-0 to the Arsenal.

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