Saturday, April 4, 2009

8 games in 25 days

"We have to put ourselves in a very strong position because of the hard work we have done but now it's the final part of the season where every game becomes massively important."

- Arsene Wenger, before the Man City game

I don't do previews because I don't analyse football. When I watch, I watch passively. I like seeing pretty triangular passes and well-ordered defences. I like players running off to create space for each other. And I love that moment when the perfect defence-splitting pass breaks through and leaves all the defenders running back in a state of panic.

And to be honest, I don't know enough about it to give meaningful insights.

But we're playing Man City tonight. It's a big game for us. We're at the stage where we need to win every game if we're going to win the treble. Some doubters would say that a 10 point gap with one less game is too far to catch, but they're not thinking positively. And they're not thinking One Game At A Time. Good things happen when you start thinking One Game At A Time.

And it all starts at Man City.

Man City play badly away, they've dropped Robinho, and they should be easy to beat. Arsenal are on a massive unbeaten run that's taken us from the mediocrity of 5th place to the giddy heights of 4th place. We've come very far in the past couple of months, but it's the kind of scenario that makes me very nervous. Struggling mid-table team up against the Mighty Arsenal on a long unbeaten run? It's got Hull and Stoke written all over it.

The Arsenal tend to ease off in games we're expected to win. It's irritating, because if we'd picked up all those dropped points we would still be (seriously) challenging for the title. But that's in the past. In the present, we've got eight games in 25 days, all of which need to be won. And if we concentrate really, really hard, I think we can win them.

After all, we've got Cesc Fabregas!

He's back after his three-month injury spell. And it's the first time he'll play with Arshavin. I'm excited to see how Cesc and the Owl will link up. Opinions are divided about this partnership. Some say the Owl will enjoy playing with a guy who's just as brilliant as him. Some say the Owl will freak out at Cesc's ugly looking jacket and refuse to play with someone with such poor fashion sense. And some just think it'll be noice to see the Arsenal play with intelligence, flair and pace. We haven't seen that for a while.

C'mon the Arsenal. 2-0 with goals to Theo and the Owl.


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