Monday, April 13, 2009

Pineapple Head

The pineapple head it spins and it spins
Like a number I hold
Don't remember if she was my friend
It was a long time ago

- Pineapple Head, Crowded House (with Santa Claus)

This post is about Alex Song, and it's a bit of a nothing post. It's a nothing day for Arsenal news, so I've been scratching around for something to write. It's written in response to Song's goal against Wigan. I had a look at it yesterday, and it's a remarkably good goal. Admittedly, it was shocking defending by Wigan, but it was a nice little turn and dribble by our young Song Billong. 

He's had a tough trot at the Arsenal. Signed in 2005, booed by the home support when he was 18. Loaned out to Charlton, where he impressed. Played in the African Nations Cup, where he got into the ANC First IX. Broke into the Arsenal first team this season, where he's been mocked, insulted and harangued - especially by gooners like me. 

I always thought the kid had potential, I just didn't think he was ready for a first team spot. And that's not just band-wagon talk. Earlier in the season, when teams were running through our midfield like it was tissue paper, it was Song that steadied the ship. We all lost it a bit towards December, when the Arsenal were a shambles, but he's improved remarkably in recent weeks. He's good in the tackle, passes pretty well and makes some nice attacking runs. A really good complement to Denilson. 

I've been running a poll for a week now, comparing Alex Song to different types of fruit. There's still a day to go, but I think it's safe to call it. Alex Song is most like a pineapple. But have you ever seen a pineapple score a goal like this?

Well done, Alex Song, our very own Pineapple Head. 


Patt said...

Song is a beast, fuck Flamini. I reckon this boy will be as good if not better than Essien in a few years.

Connolly's agent said...