Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Ex-Factor

"Listen, Jose was a great manager and had some great times here. But it's someone else's turn now to kick on. Mourinho is a world class manager, a lot of the players are still in contact with him... But we need stability at the club now.

- John Terry, shitting himself at the prospect of Mourinho's return

John Terry and Jose Mourinho didn't part on good terms. If memory serves me right, Terry wanted a 10 year contract and a clause that gave him the option of managing Chelsea in the future. Jose Mourinho was opposed to it because Terry was getting old, his body was breaking apart, and he'd developed a penchant for getting kicked in the face by opposition players. And when Mourinho stuck his neck out too far, Terry was one of those wielding the axe.

History shows that when Mourinho walked, he spent a year on the sidelines and before accepting the Inter Milan job. Currently, he's facing the sack at the end of the year, with Inter floundering in 1st in the Serie A. Guus Hiddink is odds-on to drop Chelsea at the end of the season. And momentum is gathering to restore Mourinho to his spiritual home, since other high-profile candidates are ruling themselves out.

John Terry's been talking to the papers, wishing for Guus Hiddink to stay on permanently. Guus has done a great job at Chelsea, but I think there's something more to it than that. I think Terry's scared at the prospect of Mourinho coming back. It's one thing to knife your manager in the back as he's walking out the door, it's another thing altogether to welcome him back to the club. It's not going to happen, but I'd love to see Mourinho go to back to Chelsea - if only to see what he'd do to Terry.

Oh, and apparently we're facing some Spanish side in a match tomorrow morning? Winner goes into the semis of the Champions League. Should be a good match. Djourou's out, Gallas' out, Clichy's out, Almunia's out. So it'll be interesting to see how we line up. Hopefully Gibbs will play a blinder, and Song will keep up his good performances.

2-1 to the Arsenal - we should win if we can shoot straight.

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