Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yes to Signings

"The era of "yes" has begun."

- Jim Carey, Yes Man

I watched "Yes Man" the other day. It's a film about Jim Carey having to say yes to anything and everything that comes his way. Really life-affirmative stuff.

So I'm thinking what would happen if it happened to Arsene Wenger? How would it translate in a football transfer season sense, if we had to buy every player that gets linked to us, and we had to sell every player who's linked to another club?

First off, our backline would consist of:

Vermaelen - Zapata - Sahko - Maicon

Clichy would be a Real Madrid player. Gallas would be with Juve or Milan. Toure would be a Man City player. And Sagna? I'm not sure if he's been linked with anyone, but I'd rather Maicon to be honest. He's shiny and new, and Sagna not that new anymore.

Our midfield would be:

Schneider - Melo - Matuidi - Arshavin

I'm sure we've been linked with more players, but I can't remember. Cesc would be gone to Barca. Melo, Matuidi, Mbia, and that Turkish guy from Stuttgart are all available in the CM spots, though. Schneider categorically stated that he doesn't want to play for us, but those are the rules of the game, buddy.

And our strikeforce:

Villa, Dzeko

van Persie would be a Man Utd player. Adebayor would be AC Milan or Chelsea. Theo was still be around, and Bendtner, too. But I doubt they'd get much of a look-in with Villa and Dzeko on the pitch.

All in all, it's not a bad team, is it? Maybe there's something to be said about saying "yes" to new opportunities...


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