Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Transfer News

There's been a lot of transfer news flying around lately, and most of it is coming from Real Madrid. Florentino Perex isn't even club president yet, and he's already making bids for Kaka, Alonso, Ribery, Ronaldo, Silva, Villa... actually, I made the last four or five up, but I'm sure Perez has done contacted them anyway. He's a man with many sticky, honey-coated fingers, is Florentino Perez. 

The only thing we've got going is (maybe) Blaise Matuidi to the Arse

But the really surprising news is that Gareth Barry's joined Man City for £12 million. It's a shame because Aston Villa for holding out for £18 million or so last year, Liverpool were willing to pay £15 million or so, and Gareth Barry wanted to join a club with Champions League prospects. And now, Liverpool didn't have the cash to pay for him, Aston Villa lost out £5 million or so, and Gareth Barry's joined a club with no Champions League prospects and which exudes an odour with will drive off many of the truly talented players in the world. 

It makes you wonder why people do certain things. I don't know, but I like to speculate. Barry is that he wanted to leave Villa last season because he wanted to join a more ambitious club. He stayed with Villa last year, spent 3/4 of a season with a team on the brink of a Champions League berth, but then ran out of legs at the end. That would've been gutting, but it's not the end of the world. Barry's an experienced player, and he knows there's always next season to make amends. 

So what happened?

Maybe, sitting in the dressing room after the last match, he realised he was done. He's spent his entire career at Villa, and maybe he wanted some fresh air. Maybe he regretted not joining Liverpool when he had his chance. Maybe he made an emotional decision, and just wanted out - to any club that'll take him. And maybe Man City, with their fabulous, fabulous wealth, gave him a way out. 

It happened to Robinho as well, remember.

But I'm left wondering what Barry would've done if the Arsenal (or Liverpool) had turned up with a £80,000 a week contract and the promise of Champions League football. Would he have chosen us over Man City? Or would he still have gone for the money?

I bet Barry thinks about it on occasion as well. 

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