Friday, May 22, 2009

Youth FA Cup

Hey, we won the Academy league title and we're in the youth FA Cup final. It's a pleasant surprise, considering how depressing most of the rest of the season has been. And while it's a bit pointless to wax lyrical about kids who haven't done much yet, it's still nice to fantasise. 

We've a good bunch of lads coming through. Jack Wilshere will be awesome for us. Frimpong and Thomas are monsters, and Lansbury's like a two-footed Energiser bunny. Plus, we've got the impressive Coquelin incubating as our next defensive midfielder. There's a lot of talent in the Academy, and it's remarkable to think that these lads could all be in the first team in five years. An Arsenal, English spine - imagine that. 

It's just hype, of course. We had a similarly rated Carling Cup side a couple of years ago. 5-2 away at Anfield. Carling Cup final. Diaby, Denilson, Song, Bendy, Djourou and Quincy were all supposed to the next big things. And what happened? We found out that under all that hype, it was just a bunch of kids with a lot of potential but nothing concrete. This current league-cup double side may be great, but you never know. 

It's good to dream, though. 

Meanwhile, Wenger's after "little Messi". How tiny must that guy be?

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