Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Crap on a stick

"Half time now boys. Where's my considering cap?"

- James Joyce, Dubliners

For the first five minutes, we were awesome. There was this little bit when Fabregas took a shot and the ball boggled against two defenders and almost ricocheted in. And then Gibbs slipped and Park scored. Almunia slept and Ronaldo scored. And just like that, we'd done it - we'd blown a Champions League semi-final after only 12 minutes. 

It's half-time now, and it's still 0-2. There's 45 minutes left to our season. This is bitterly, bitterly disappointing, but you know, there's still 45 minutes left to go. At times, I wonder why I started supporting Arsenal when I could've supported Man Utd or Barca, but once you've made your choice, you can't turn away. 

C'mon Arsenal. We can go through with a 4-2. 


1-3 at the moment. 

Spring-cleaning starts tomorrow. Adebayor, Diaby, Almunia and Silvestre need to go and be replaced with experienced, hungry, professional players. We can keep Eboue - he's a pass master - and we can keep Denilson because he's got potential. But the rest of them have to go. 

Maybe we should buy Joey Barton? He'll be entertaining if nothing else. 


1-3 to Man Utd. Outplayed. But there's always next season.


I've had a whole day to think about it, and I never want to be in this position again. I feel sick and tired and incredibly sad. I spent most of the day unfocussed and distraught, and incredibly distracted. I pinned so much of my wavering optimism on this match, and to have it crushed so clinically is disheartening. 

We need to do better next year. Buy players who count when it matters. Sell the ones that crumble with pressure. Work out how to play the big clubs in the pressure moments. Put an emphasis on defence. Flesh out the squad with experience. But will it happen?

I'm too weary to answer that truthfully.


Patt said...

Next season. Arsenal has gone to the dogs. We have turned into a "next season" team, nearly men like the scousers.

weg said...

I'm shattered, Patt. I was okay after the match, but now I'm a nervous wreck. Fucking hell, we were bad. Man Utd were clinical and we were just crap. Gutted and very, very sad.

Patt said...

Usually when i sleep, i wake up feel better in the morning but today i still feel like crying. Maybe i should just let it out.