Sunday, May 10, 2009


I got lots of pictures in my head
You better not turn off the projector
I got lots of pictures in my head
You better not save them up for later

- Pictures, Sneaky Sound System

I'm a bit tired this morning, so this will be told out in pictures. 

We're facing Chelsea in the league tomorrow, without Arshavin, and without much to play for. I'm tempted to play the kids for this one, purely because I'm curious about the likes of Coquelin and Jay-Emmanuel Thomas, but then again, we've always got something to play for when we're up against Chelsea. We can't let this man win:

It's the principle of the thing. 

Usmanov is bitter that Kroenke is now the de facto controller of the board, while he's been frozen out. He's trying to curry favour with the fans by offering us his fabulous wealth as a transfer kitty. 

And Kroenke? Well, we just love our favourite American - even if he hasn't done much apart from install a bunch of executives on the board. 

Meanwhile, this man has written a good article about the Arsenal's problems. Since he's someone who actually knows Arsene Wenger, and who has played football under him, it's worth a read. It's nothing earth-shattering, just that we need four new players and a new approach to the side. It's what everyone else is saying. But it sounds better coming from Lee Dixon. 

And finally, Wenger believes that Nicky Bendtner was set up in Trouser-gate. Frankly, no one cares. Bendy was gutted after the match, went out to forget his troubles, got shitfaced, got legless, and almost lost his pants. He's entitled to that once in a while. 

Actually, I feel sorry for him. He's probably the only guy in history to have been depantsed twice in front of a national audience in a single night. Poor Nick.

Anyway, it'll be the Chelsea match in about twelve hours. Enough time to sit back, relax, and wait for a match that doesn't mean much to nobody, but which we'll still watch anyway.  


Munitionsman said...

First Penis

Patt said...

MM u're such a cunt.

Patt said...

Lol, nice one weg. Usmanov is one ugly dude. He looks like those ruthless italian mobstars. I dont want to see that thing running our club.