Friday, May 15, 2009

Bye, Bye Adebayor

"If I feel that a player should go or could go, why not sell him to one of the other top four?"

- Arsene Wenger, about Adebayor

There's a poll at the Guardian over whether we should sell Adebayor to Chelsea. 

It's feasible. Carlo Ancelotti, the man likely to the appointed the new Chelsea manger, fancies Adebayor and would like to work with him. Drogba's likely to leave at the end of the season. And if Chelsea are going to stick with a lone striker, they'll need to replace Drogba with someone with similar physical characteristics. There aren't many players who can play that role at the highest level. And Adebayor's one of the ones who can. 

Adebayor doesn't work as a lone striker at the Arsenal. He's offside way too often. He doesn't impose himself on games anymore. He doesn't work for his team anymore. Instead, he drifts off to the left and tries to be Thierry Henry. He scores the odd great goal, and then fluffs easy chances. But I imagine he'll improves dramatically under a tactically astute manager like Ancelotti

If someone tells Adebayor where to be, when to run, and to work like a packhorse in the mountains, then he will do so. Rio Ferdinand said he was the hardest striker to play against in the Premier League. Adebayor's fast, strong, tall, and has a penchant for the spectacular. He has a lot of gifts that are currently being wasted. Wenger's indulging him at the Arsenal, and if he was playing under someone who wouldn't tolerate nonsense, he'll probably thrive. 

So I think Adebayor to Chelsea would be a good move for Adebayor. It'll be a good move for Chelsea. But more importantly, I think it'll be a good move for the Arsenal. It'll give us £25 million pounds and the chance to buy David Villa. Or Sammy Eto'o. Or Karim Benzema. Or ANYONE who isn't offside 5 or 6 times a frigging match...


Anonymous said...

if this does happen, adebayor will go on to the most hated ex-gooner. ashley cole would breath easy. atleast cole wasn't hated as much before he left like ade is by so many gooners. and the worst thing is I can see ade being even more prolific.

weg said...

I don't know about that. I hate Cole quite a bit because he seems like a nasty, delusional little man. With Adebayor, I don't get that vibe from him. With Ade, it's nothing personal - he's in it for the money and he can earn quite a bit more away from the Arse. That's fair enough. He's only in the game for six, seven more years, and he's got a whole bunch of family to support back home as well. I certainly wouldn't cheer him when he comes back to the Emirates, but I wouldn't boo him either.