Monday, May 11, 2009

Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal

"You would not like to come out and say we will buy four defenders. It is more a question of balance in the team rather than individuals."

-Arsene Wenger, after a very balanced performance.

Contrary to Wenger's assumption, I'd quite like him to come out and say we'll buy four defenders. In fact, I'd be willing to make suggestions, say Richards and Sahko, Zapata and Albiol. We could sell Gallas, Eboue and Senderos in the summer to make room. We need better players at the Arsenal, and the back four would be a start.

I'd also quite like Wenger so say we're going to appoint someone to look after the defensive side of things. Like Martin Keown, or Tony Adams, or Mr T. Someone thuggish and bastardly, and able to instill traditional Arsenal values into our players. To be honest, this is probably more important than new signings.

Wenger also said:

"In the games that mattered in the last three or four weeks, we could not win. That is what we have to analyse."

After he finishes analysing, I really hope he does something about it. Like buy some experienced players.


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Vertino Aleci said...

problem is at arsenal is that any defender we buy suddenly becomes more attacking minded. and it doesn't help that we have a high backline. Also, Song was crap. Positioning wise horrible and slow to track back. I'd rather see denilson 'I'll play a safe pass'. at least he had some fight about him. song was just a case of 'it wasn't me'.

Connolly's agent said...

Really Denilson?

Vertino Aleci said...

yeah for me I think Song's only really had two good games for me. Didn't you see Denilson pushing Drog off the ball? That was probably the highlight for me after bendy's goal. Mind you anyone can knock drogba off the ball in a place where he can win a free kick or pen...

Connolly's agent said...

To tell the truth, I didn't watch the game... went to bed instead. Think I made the right choice. I'll be up for the Man Utd game - bit like a wake, I suppose.