Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fashions at the Emirates

This'll be quick, because I've 10 mins of internet left. 

The Owl is friends with Cesc and Bendy. It makes sense. Arshavin has a degree in high fashion. Bendy has a penchant for pink boots. Cesc likes his puffy parkas. Together, they're the fashionistas of Highbury. We might not win the league next year (actually if you give creedence to Peter Hill-Wood's regular outbursts, that's highly probable), but we'll win the fashion stakes. 

Maybe the English FA should consider awarding premiership points for the most well-groomed football side?


Anonymous said...

fashion is kinda a big deal for u isn't it! before it was about wengers haircut. what's that guy's name gok ? are you him in disguise :)

Connolly's agent said...

We ARE the Arsenal, and we've a duty to look good... especially when we can't defend good, win trophies or sign experienced players. Nice hair and colour-coordinated boots really help in these situations. Who's Gok?