Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Adebayor's flip-flop

"All I can say is I am a footballer and if a club like Milan are interested in me then I cannot lie to you, I am happy, because it is Milan. But the thing is that it stops there – I am very happy playing for Arsenal, and this is what I always say."

- Emmanuel Adebayor, talking out of his arse

I'm puzzled as to what Adebayor's thinking at the moment. First he presents himself to Milan like a baboon in heat. Right before a Champions League semi-final. And now that the season's shot to pieces and we're trophy-less yet again, he wants to stay?

I don't get it.

An ambitious man would've kept his mouth shut while we were still in contention for trophies. An ambitious man would've raised a fuss after the season's over, and we're still stuck in 4th and not likely to advance. The fact that Adebayor went about things the other way, shows that he's not an ambitious man.

Maybe Adebayor likes the comfort of 80k a week for a half-arsed job. Maybe Adebayor likes a club that almost guarantees him Champions League football, and the certainty of not having to compete for his position. Maybe the guy wants to cruise on what he has at the moment, and not want to maximise his God-given potential. Maybe he's had enough of working hard and running hard, and he just wants to be a superstar who doesn't have to work. And maybe that's the reason he still wants to be with the Arsenal.

I don't know, and it shits me off. The Arsenal shouldn't be a lazy paycheck. Players should want to play for the club because we're challenging for trophies and we're one of the best clubs in the world. The fact that Adebayor's wanting to stick with us because it's easy shits me off. We're the Arsenal, and we're not the soft option.

I don't know whether we should keep Adebayor. On a good day, when he's switched on, he's one of the best strikers in the world. On a bad day, he's worse than Nicky Bendtner. It depends on which Adebayor fronts up next season. If we get the casual Adebayor of this season, we're better off selling him; for whatever we can get for him.

Man Utd vs Barcelona tomorrow morning. Maybe I'll getup early to watch it. I'd like to see Henry win the Champions League. He was a gun for the Arse, and it's nice to see him achieve his ambition. Awful sad that he couldn't do it at the Arse, though.

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