Monday, July 21, 2008

Yaya Toure Belongs To L'Arse

"The 25-year-old Ivory Coast international (Yaya Toue) only arrived at Barcelona last summer in an £8million transfer, and Wenger is prepared to pay around £12million to take him to England."

- Mr Comfort, from caughtoffside, blowing more smoke than a chimney

In my FM08 game, I've got the best midfield in the world - Ben Afra, Sankhare, Fabregas, Flamini and Nasri. I've got the second best midfield sitting on the bench. And yet, I'm considering spending an additional 20 million on Yaya Toure.

It's not a sensible plan. He's not as good as Sankhare, Flamini or Denilson. And I've a couple of promising young frenchies in the reserves. I'll have to sell Diego and Denilson to justify Yaya's inclusion. And yet, I still want to do it.

He's an Arsenal fan, he's French-African, he's Kolo's brother - he's a perfect fit for the Gallic Arsenal side I've put together. I'm going to do it in July; sell Diego, Denilson and Marcelo, and bring in Yaya, with Saviet and Saunier coming back from loan.

Meanwhile, in real life...

Yaya and Kolo go with Arsenal like cream and jam on a warm butter scone. They're tailor-made for Arsenal's style of play, and they're awesome players as well. We could be so good with Yaya driving forward from midfield. It's Yaya's destiny to join us. He's Kolo's younger brother, he's an ASEC alumni, he's African and atheletic and violently talented.

We won't buy him because Barca don't want to sell, and Wenger's never been one to prise good players from big clubs. We'll get Bischoff and someone else, probably. But still, that sentimental part of me wants to see the Toure brothers line up for us.

It would be cool.


ArseNole said...

I think we'd all love to see that. Cheers

Anonymous said...

yaya, yes please.